The Partnerships

The Materials KTN is built on the former Advanced Materials Forum (AMF) and embraces Faraday Advance, Plastics, Packaging, PowdermatriX and TechniTex as well as the National Composites Network (NCN), NAMTEC and the new network for Smart Materials, Surfaces and Structures (SMARTmat).

The KTN is an overarching network of networks in Materials, set up to bring together the views of all in business, designers, research and technology organisations, trade associations, the financial market, academia and others in the value network across the materials community. The KTN and its network groups will provide a range of activities and initiatives to enable the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of business innovation.

Bringing all the materials networks together under the one umbrella ensures we work together, optimise resources, spread best practice and provide a one-stop shop for materials advice and expertise to UK manufacturing and service providers.

Our principles

The KTN is designed to encourage closer contact and exchange between the knowledge base and business:

  • to promote the flow of people, industrial technology and innovative business concepts amongst the science and technology base and industry
  • to promote the Partnership ethic in industrially relevant research organizations, businesses and the innovation knowledge base
  • to promote core research that will underpin business opportunities
  • to promote business-relevant post-graduate and other training

Our aims

New materials, their manufacturing technologies and their integration into engineering systems are critical if UK aerospace and automotive sectors are to meet global technical drivers. Faraday Advance’s vision is to enable UK aerospace and automotive businesses to meet these drivers through a high quality, targeted and imaginative continuum of scientific and technical products and services.

In its first three years, Faraday Advance raised over £7m of third party funding for new collaborative research between the UK science base and UK companies, including::

  • the provision of new training opportunities via an Engineering Doctorate programme
  • Summer Schools
  • the provision of projects for 17 research student and 12 post doctoral research associates linked with industry
  • securing awards underpinning new products and processes
  • assisting the growth of small and larger UK companies through technology road-mapping and brokerage of innumerable contacts; assembly of bespoke research consortia
  • project management
  • leading overseas technology missions and disseminating their outcomes
  • provision of seminars on research funding to industry
  • and the initiation of a number of imaginative and innovative grand challenge projects

There is a need for transport systems with reduced environmental impact and lower operating costs delivered by cost-effective manufacture and operation.